Young Thug – New Wave Lyrics

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Caught em straight from traffic
No rappin’ just gangbangin’ and clappin’
I catch em laughin’ and kidnap ’em no one no where know what happened
Learn from my dad stack them racks and never subtract them
Moma say save money
Your baby momma, don’t ever detach em
Brand new book on you bastards, Y’all niggas some characters
She wanna roll I’ma take her to Nasa
Young nigga livin’ relentless
I came off dirty foods, I ate off dirty dishes
Riding with a motherfuckin’ pistol
Young nigga get high as a ceiling
And I Heard she from the project, grown in the condominums
She wanna turn to a freeze like a sizzle
We come to make a deal like a pickle
Hickory dickory dock thats how I come through and riddle

Still Versace on the frame
Double G’s on the belt
In the summer make em freeze
In the winter make em melt