Veonity – Until The Day I Die lyrics

The moon is rising again
Shining its empty light
On me and all the warriors Who lives deep in the night

Tonight I’ll rise,
I’ll ride again For mankind and glory
I’ll fight, I’ll rise and fly again
Always be strong to the end

I will not give up, never give in
Keep on suffering
I will not give up, never give in
Until the day that I die

My body is broken my friend
But my spirit remains the same
I dream to find a better place
To rebuild the human race

I’m here alive, I’m born to find
My power and glory
I’m here, alive, I’m born to fly
Always be strong till the end

I will not condemn my spirit
To burn eternally
I will not be taken down
By forces I can’t see
You can bring me sorrow and you can bring me pain
But I will fight till the end