TYuS – Billboards letras

Thinking of some things I can do to you shawty right now
I know you got a man but he ain’t gotta know what’s going down
And we’ve been talking tough and now it’s time to seal the deal
You’re so real
Let you know how I play girl, how I play is so trill

I’m going through things
Said I’m going through things
Going places that I’ve never been
Shit will never be the same, never be the same
My name on the billboard, my name on the billboard
He had you but he misused it, telling you bullshit
But with me at least you feel important
I just wanna ride, I just wanna ride
I just wanna keep you baby you got it all
Shawty let’s go-go-go-go-go
Let’s hit the road
Don’t wanna see his ass no more
And stressing bout the thing
Baby you ain’t got no reason I’m telling you it’s all good
Baby listen now, I’ma hold you down
I’m telling you it’s all good
He don’t treat you right
I don’t think he know your worth
Promise you I will always put you first, first
Baby I just wanna

Oh-oh, yeah