Sean Slick – Daydreamer Lyrics

Sometimes I Day dream about a life like this
Wife and kids
The times like this
You know A moment like this
Can’t think to be a loner
Or a stoner
, flow
All my tears out
Like Noah
Day dream
About being
A billionaire
Rich no care
Pass the wealth
To my lovely heirs
I may dream
About being
Best in the Scene
Show this whole f*cking world
That Slick is the king
Now my dream State
Outweighs my mind State
I daze in a day
Replay my
Deep rhymes fate
A London guy underground
A jubilee Weight
Overcrowd with perceptions of the mass mind state
And it hurts that I’m not the
First in line
I Day dream, juicy words like Biggie in his prime
A divine guy
With hope dripping down his whole spine
I Day dream about being
The voice for the wise
Who wants it
Day dream for a wonder profit
Day dream for the baddest chicks in my (slick) f*cking pocket
Day dream
Got the hottest whips
In my sick closet
The garage I mean
It was all a dream
Day dream
Of peace
When we hit the cold streets

There’s no beef
And all my peeps
Eat with the feasts
All this means
Must work hard
The dream completes
No sleep
Doesn’t work for this whole Day dream
It’s my goals
All this dedication
Took persuasion
My day dreams will reach the blacks and the Caucasians
Fame so these
Haters could
Never ever phase it
A 6 year odyessy
No one stopping me
Watching me
Day dream plaques
They dream the lottery
Day dream my family got enough
From the God above
And everyday that we pray
That this life is love
Even though it feels like
Hell on earth
What’s the worth
Day dream plans
They Free Of all curse
As the earth turns
And any hidden truth
Stopping us
Of living free
From pain
Or the cold (f*cking) flu
How birds fly
Is how I wanna reside
Over cloud 9
Like them
Angels in the sky
Day dream
How it
Could be
I guess you’ll find out
(I’ll) leave this on the cliff
No doubt

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