Roc Marciano – Muse Lyrics


Go away baby
Go away baby

[Verse 1: Roc Marciano]
Thank God for Roc Marci
Y'all some carbon copies
These off brand niggas genuine Jockey
My neck and wrist is rocky
The Tec fit in the Masi
Might catch me and your wifey
Like Ron Eisley
R. Kelly in the closet
Rose petals and chocolates
Compliments to Chef Bronson
A few croissants
Watch swans swim
The wine
Since '89 it was bottled in
Since '89 it was bottled in
Models kissing my olive skin
Body lotion, candles
Naomi Campbell
Smoking a Camel
38 taped up
Look like I broke the hammo, famo

Oh your hammers blow
Imaginary ammo
Trap out the bando
Brand new Lambo
Damn bro
Cut the top, Amber Rose
Plus my hands was froze
All my flows like the cannabis
It was cloned
This is amethyst
You niggas food
I bought rolls for sandwiches
I'm no pimp
This is road management
I'm into road managment
Baby I was told this dough'll
Make the planets spin
Make the planets spin
This can't be it
Fancy ambience
We're family men
This is candy for kids
I got the jammy
Up near your pancreas



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