Chris Travis – Man Of The Year Lyrics

[Verse 1: Chris Travis]
I been a man of my home
Now I'm feeling like the man of the world
I ain't really got shit but a name
And a few curly hair slutty girls
I can bring you up in my world
Or the world that is very unheard
We can talk about the life you live
We can smoke til your body sits still
I just wanna f*ck girl what it is
I just wanna f*ck girl what it is
Sit down just tell me how you feel
Promise me you gon keep it real
Promise me not to lie to you still
f*ck how other niggas feel
They say i've been actin really weird
I don't give a f*ck pull me up chill

[Verse 2: Chris Travis]
Stand down for my brothers
Stand down for my mother
Stand down for my nigga tryna get through the struggle nigga be about your hustle
Stand down for the people
Why nigga cause we all f*cking equal
And that's the motherf*ckin' sequel
f*ck niggas ain't none of my people
These niggas ain't straight
Like these niggas go both ways
And we don't like you niggas
Cause we only like girls anyway

So f*ck a friendship nigga
I need a Bentley nigga
You ain't killing me nigga
I don't owe you shit nigga
We slidin' through LA we viben
I ain't go no time man
I'm only tryna get high-ben
Money in my pocket
Cars in my wallet
Yeah tonight we f*ckin'
That's your only option

[Verse 3: Chris Travis]
Winter days sittin' by the fireplace
Smoking on some shit that gon blow my mind away
I ain't really tryna do shit today but take off in a rocket and go to space
Ridin' with my niggas
I'm gettin' high with my niggas
I'm gettin' money with my niggas
But ain't shit funny with my niggas
Niggas think we laughin' with them
Nigga we laughin' at you
My whole life been a movie
I can f*ck around a become an actor
But nah I ain't really actin' nigga
I'mma a motherf*cking factual nigga
So watch where the f*ck you pass it nigga
Music for the soul
I do it for the passion nigga

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